Thursday, April 16, 2009

A year of Best andHottest!

I just came home from attending my 5th Best and Hottest event from Metromoms. You can check out some of the pictures at . I really can't believe how they have evolved since I started going. When I started going they were nice lunches with about 50 woman. It has evolved into a Mom's night out with over 100. The last 2 events we have had an entire restaurant to ourselves. After attending the Halloween themed B & H I thought they would never be able to out do it, numbers hanging from a tree in snack balls, a fog machine and spooky music. It was awesome. I drew # 56 but still got one of my top ten items. The Mama Mio Bootcamp for Butts, which if you haven;t tried you must it Rocks!!!
Next was the January B & H. How could they top Halloween. Well they rented out an entire restaurant, the numbers were in Balloon weights and they had a HUGE selection of even better items. So I knew they would never top that. I was wrong.
I just got back from the most recent Best and Hottest. When the list of products came out my heart was skipping beats! The Step 2 Nature Station Playhouse . The Skip Hop Wishbone Bike A Brand new Bootcamp for Tummies from Mama Mio that is not even off the assembly line yet. I can go on and on. The numbers were in flower pots hidden inside a Boon Spoon and flowers. I drew # 15. And came home with the Tag Learning system from Leap Frog and 3 books Not to mention a goody bag full to the brim with awesome products that I would never have known about if it weren't for Metro Moms.
But really that wasn't the best part of my evening. I had a great night out with some great friends, some that I have known for a while and some that I am really enjoying getting to know better. We talked and laughed and just had a great time. I guess I missed out since I was not at the table that was discussing the sippy cups dual use as a flask, but I think I fared pretty well!

Monday, March 2, 2009

A new Month a new theme over at Rockin' Mama

Head over to Rockin' Mama ( Link at the bottom of page) the new theme for March is cleaning and organization which god know I need help with! Check it out!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Coming soon!

It seems this time of year bring a merry-go -round of sickness our way. As soon as I get the kids to feeling better I get sick as soon as I get better they are sick again. With kids in 2 different schools and just being out in public I think it is inevitable.

Anyway I have spent the weekend in bed with Tonsillitis. yes i still have my Tonsils and the Dr, wants them out. But with 3 children, PTA, and everything else I do where do I have the time to take the break to have surgery? My point is that I have been working on some blog ideas and this will be a busy week of updates. I have some news of an exciting program that Disney is going to be launching . So that I can do it justice I want to write about it with a clear head. Also I am going to sound -off on some states trying to make the Flu shot mandatory. So give me a few days and I am going to have lots of new stuff up!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thursday, January 22, 2009

What a day!!!!!

It is very rare that I take a day for me. A few hours here or there, but a whole Day never happens. I had been counting down to Best and Hottest so whatever the day held at 6pm I was going to be looking at the top baby products and visiting with friends. Then about 3 yesterday afternoon I realized that Oscar noms were going to be announced today. To me it was Christmas, Oscar Noms and Best and Hottest on the same day!!! Then while taking to a friend about said Oscar Noms we realized that we both really wanted to see Revolutionary Road( Great acting and script, but don't go expecting light and fluffy. It is the same guy who did American Beauty). I remembered reading that it was going to be an upcoming Cry Baby movie. SO while we are trying to plan a trip to go see the movie I realize that it is today's cry-baby movie. My friend would only have one of her 3 children today and after arranging DH to pick up son #2 and Grandma to pick up son # 1 and to check to make sure that DH really picked up son #2( amazing how I manage this every day, but it takes 2 of them to do it when I am not around). We have now extended the day to Oscar Noms, Movie and Best and Hottest. Well it just so happens that my favorite lunch spot is right across from the theater and a new independent book store has opened across the street. Add to that TJ Maxx and Marshalls are having a 15 % off sale so I am flying high Here is my day:

Buy a pair of jeans that are 1 size smaller than last pants bought woo hoo

Run into old friend

Visit new bookstore



Best and Hottest

So I am just ecstatic taking time for me and having a great time. Jenner even behaves for all but about 5 seconds during the entire movie. I call to check on everyone and of course Jude has come home from school with a high fever.The last time I took that much time for myself James came down with a high fever. So now i feel guilty for taking time for my self. I did go and Best and Hottest was awesome. For those of you in the DFW area with kids check out I don't want you to get pigeonholed and just look for the best and hottest events. I think it is tough for me to decide if I like the stroll-art or the speaker luncheons better.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

In my never ending quest to get organized I have been organizing my cookbooks. It seems i have become somewhat a collector or if you ask my husband a hoarder. So I thought I would share just a few of my favorites and why they have made that list. I would love it if you would share your favorites too. These are in no specific order:
1. Joy of Cooking by Irma Rombauer
This is the one cookbook that I think everyone should own. There are not many basic recipes that you can not find in here. This is my go to book for everything from recipes to substitutions . This is probably the basic cook book I use the most.
2. The Silver Spoon Phaidon Press
This book came out a few years ago here in the US. It is the Italian equivalent to Joy of Cooking and is the # 1 selling cookbook in Italy. I love this cookbook! If you like Italian food this is you go to book. Great sauces and basics of true Italian cooking. Yum
3. Southern Cooking by Mrs. S.R. Dull
I am a yankee married to a southerner. His grandmother was straight out of Steel Magnolia's to the point when she asked where my family was from and I replied "Brooklyn" his quick acting sisters informed her Brooklyn, Tenn. It wasn't until a year before she passed away that she realized I was a yankee and she said by that time she already liked me and she couldn't take that back.So I needed some help in the southern cooking department. This book has hands down the best fried chicken recipe that I have ever tried, just skip over the part about killing and cleaning the chicken. Most of us can go pick one up at the store.
4. The Pasrty Queen by Rebecca Ratner
This is a great book and has other items than just sweets. Great Chicken pot pie and enchiladas. This bakery is in Fredricksburg and Rebecca occasionally does classes at Central Market or Sur La Table. Awesome cake recipes in here as well.
5. The Whimsical Bakehouse by Kaye & Liv Hansen
What do you get when your daughter tries to leave the family business and go to art school and then returns to the family business? This beautiful book. This mother and daughter have some of the most beautiful cakes I have seen. They are the one's who made the "mad hatter's " cakes( the leaning cakes) famous. This is a book of cookie and cake decorating. They perfected the art of painting with chocolate and this is a good how to. You need to have some decorating experience with this one. If you see this one at the store, just flip through the pages. The recipes are also very good so it is more than just pretty pictures.
6. Pie by Ken Haedrich
I am very picky with my pie's. It is my specialty and I think it is hard to find a good pie cookbook. This one is the exception to the rule. I have not tried a bad recipe in the book and the author is humerus as well. There are a lot of regional and famous pie's in this cookbook of over 300 recipes.
7. Anything by Maida Heatter- I love all of her books. These are great recipes and all of her books have so many great recipes.
8. How to be a Domestic Goddess by Nigella Lawson
Nigella is my idol. This was her 2nd cookbook and in my opinion her best. I have them all and use them all, but if i just had one it would be this one.
9. Favorite Recipes of Home Economic Teachers- favorite recipes press. I guess this wins the award for quirky favorite. This is a series ob books from the 50's and 60's. I have about 7 of them. My favorite are the Dessert ones. They asked Home Economics teachers from around the country their one favorite recipe. It is nostalgic and I had to look up what sweet milk was, but I have made some great recipes from these books!

I have many more favorites in many genres, but these are a few of my faves.
Tips on buying cookbooks:
*This is a great time of year to check Half Priced Books and Ebay. I love to go to HPB and just look through their cookbooks. I have on more than one occasion got books that are out of print or books I was about to buy from Amazon at HPB.
**Celeb cookbooks. I have issues with celebrity cookbooks. Some are very good Nigella, Ina Garten, Giada DeLaurentas all have great books. One only need to look at the NY Times reviews of MAtha Stewarts first cookbooks to see that where as she had name recognition she did not have a good editor and these books are awful. Also if their is a celeb that you like try to get their first cookbook. Those are usually their own recipes. By the time they make a name for themselves theyhave chef's under them coming up with recipes or hold contests for people to submit recipes to be in their cookbook. Like hey give me you recipe I'll sign a copy of my book for you that I am making millions of dollars off of. Emeril is famous for doing this .
So now what are some of you favorite cookbooks?

Monday, December 8, 2008

When did the 2nd grade become tougher then college

Let me start with the fact that I think this test that they make the 3rd grade take is ridiculous. My 2nd grader has math benchmarks this week. He came home from school last week with 4 review sheets, plus we were reminded that this test was cumulative so we needed to review the 4 review sheets from last semesters benchmarks. He is in 2nd grade not college. Last Benchmarks he did not pass. He missed passing by 1 point, but did not get any answers wrong. He did not show some of his work. So 2+2 =4 , but if you do not draw boxes with arrows it is wrong. UGH!!!!!